Family Room

Or otherwise known as the Fam Jam by my 13 yr old daughter (I have no idea why). The fireplace is a large Rumford design and when lit, there is no better room to sit in. My dilemma in this room is the large wall. I went to the IDS show one year and Lynda Reeves suggested a large painting or a shelf with different sizes of painting/photos - a great suggestion. I have since acquired a few more paintings and may take her up on that.

We had a movie shot here once "True Confessions of a Teenage Starlet" with Jojo and Valerie Bertinelli. It was directed by the actor who played VP in The West Wing, Tim Matheson, on the left (via Yahoo TV). He was so nice!

Anyway, my home was transformed into Midwest Country and the wall below was painted a rusty orange. They told me they would paint over it in any colour, so red it was. I love the warmth and coziness it provides. My only regret was that I didn't paint the big wall too, enveloping us in the red and leaving the two beige walls as is.

This is construction finishing left to do from the kitchen; my old kitchen window. I thought I would add wood stained shutters either side for a western rugged feel.

Here's where I need to do some editing, I know. My baskets of wool need to go, but where???? There is no where else. However, by editing the rest of the shelves,  I may be able to leave the baskets. The large speakers are one of those things my husband doesn't want to part with. The produce a fabulous sound but what an eye-sore! My suggestion was that we build cabinet doors for all the lower shelves and up the middle for the TV. I would also love to buy a larger rug. Lou want to make this all hardwood. Either way, it needs a larger rug.

So that's the Fam Jam. The room through the French Door was once a sun/garden room.
It  now houses my Bowflex and Treadmill and the dog's bed. It still has some plants and you can the the patio doors through the windows. So my project today is to edit those shelves! Nothing like seeing it in a photo to make clear what needs to be done!
How I wish it were this, but my to do list would be huge and my bank account empty!
Charlotee Moss via Elle Decor