Rounding the bend on the kitchen reno. Not a project you want to take lightly or take at all. It is a huge inconvenience for quite a while, so make sure your BBQ has a tune up! However, no pain-no gain. I am happy to say it was all worth it! And soon it will be over! YAHOO!

My inspiration was this photo from Style At Home:

I love the front and back cookbook shelves, but no kidding, I have more in the Family Room! The kitchen breakfast bar is handy as all get-out, but I need to find fantabulous bar stools. The ones I absolutely adore and can't afford yet, are these I saw in (Traditional Home or Southern Accents???):
They beat my old ones:

This corner needs a little editing work. I need to move the phone and probably, the can opener. Unfortunately, someone forgot we were moving the phone and tiled around the outlet. Mmmm.

Here's my baby, my 3rd child. I LOVE this stove! The warming lamps beneath the hood fan are extremely handy and effective. I had a Jenn Air gas stove before, with the grill. I found the grill so fiddly and hardly used it. I read that Lynda Reeves of Canadian House and Home also regrets her French Plate. So I opted for the 6 burners, which is all I really need. It is great when you are cooking the big dinners for a crowd or multi-tasked cooking. So here's where we still need some work. The hole in the ceiling, for one. We also need to finish taping the drywall to the right, so the travertine marble tile can be finished. I have some majolica floral plates that I had thought to put up on the left, but I am reconsidering that.

The lit windowed cabinets look amazing at night. 

This opening looks onto the Family Room addition. Some tweeking still to do with the molding. The sink is deep, which is great to hid the dirty dishes. It is funny how many people can't figure out the tap lever!

So there we go - the kitchen reno. The before photo you ask? Sorry to say, I don't have any but this one, with my friend Nancy in it. This was brighter days before the addition. Although it looks dark above, but we added skylights to the Family room and a window in the dining room to lighten it up a bit. The photo doesn't show the lightness, but it is not so dark.
It had a sunny feeling and cute blue flowered tile around the window, but never, in a million years, will I do a tiled counter again! And the farm porcelain sink was impractical too.